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Accredited NICEIC Electricians

When it comes to safety and peace of mind you don’t want to take chances with electrical work, that’s why using the services of a qualified and experienced tradesman is vital. Maintrade are fully accredited by the NICEIC as Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers, meaning all of their electricians are reliable and trustworthy.

This recognition and certification offers complete assurance and peace of mind when it comes to an electrical contractor’s ability to deliver installations and inspections to the requirements set out by the law. In fact, recent changes in the law now require all domestic electrical installations to be carried out by a Part P registered contractor; something that is essential for those who are considering renting their property or taking out buildings insurance.

That’s why, at all times, we will provide all the paperwork required stating that all the work we have carried out meets the required standards in full.

We can also provide all types of electrical certification whether it’s a 10 year installation certificate for a new product that we have installed or a periodic certificate for the inspection and testing for an existing installation.

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